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Living Well With Migraines

Nine out of 10 people can't do normal activities when a migraine strikes. You may feel like you're not in control of your life when a migraine starts, but being prepared can help you cope.

What's causing my migraines?

How can I manage expectations when a migraine starts?

What do I tell my family and friends about my migraines?

How can I avoid migraines or deal with them at work?

How do I talk to my boss and coworkers about my migraines?

What medications should I take for my migraines?

What should I know about insurance and medical leave for my migraines?

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Explaining Your Migraines to Family and Friends

5 Tips for Explaining Migraines to Family and Friends

Handling Family and Social Expectations With Your Migraines

7 Steps for Getting Migraine Support at Work

Planning for a Migraine Attack at Work

6 Strategies to Control and Prevent Migraines

Tip Sheet for Migraine Prescription Coverage

Family and Medical Leave Act and Migraines: What You Need to Know

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