You didn’t choose to have migraines, and you don’t want them. But they are a part of your life right now. Telling loved ones, friends, and coworkers what to expect in advance can make things easier when you get a migraine.

You are not alone

Missing social activities or not enjoying them is common when you have chronic migraine. In a 6-month research study, women with migraines missed an average of 3 events with friends or family because of migraines. In the same study, almost 70% missed a leisure activity at least once because of migraines.

One survey found that 2 out of every 3 people were afraid of disappointing other people when they had a migraine. If this sounds like you, there is hope.

A migraine plan can help

Taking control of your migraines can help. When you manage your migraines, you might not have them as often, or the pain might not be as intense.

Learn how to take control of your migraines.

Getting some control over migraines helps you know what to expect. When you have that control, you can manage family and social expectations better.

Why do I get migraines when I relax or go on a trip?

You might get migraines on the weekend, when you go on vacation, or on other trips. This can be frustrating. Just when you plan to enjoy some time off, a migraine strikes.

Researchers have found that some people’s migraines are triggered when stress goes away. They call this the “let-down effect.” If you get "let-down" migraines, reducing the stress of getting ready for travel or vacation might help. One migraine expert recommends not letting stress build. For example, if you exercise regularly, don’t skip it during stressful times. Walk, take a yoga class, or just focus on your breathing for a few minutes to reduce stress.